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Bright Circle - Writer

About us:

Bright Circle is a technical writing agency based in Sydney. We provide technical writing consulting services to clients in the engineering, construction and maintenance industries. We help them plan, coordinate, write and produce their bid and tender responses to win multi-million and multibillion-dollar contracts. We are a highly agile team of writers, with a supportive culture and a strong commitment to continual learning and improvement in what we do.

To be brilliant in this role, you will:

• Be able to think like a consultant, with a proactive and creative approach to solving client problems.

• Have strong project management skills and be able to work independently, managing your own time and managing multiple deadlines. Ability to communicate and take action to manage issues and threats to timelines.

• Have stellar command of the English language, both spoken and written.

• Have formidable writing, editing and proofreading skills.

• Have relentless dedication to quality, continuous learning and improving your own game.

• Have unswerving client focus and a strong work ethic.

• Be curious, be able to listen, and ask the right questions when you are not getting the answers you need.

• Be able to do the delicate dance between being respectful, polite and professional while being able to push back and communicate hard truths when required.

• Impeccable grooming and corporate, professional presentation, although a touch of sartorial style is highly appreciated.

What this role will give you:

• You will be part of a growing, close-knit team of writers in a supportive work environment – an ecosystem of coaching and feedback as we continuously learn and improve together.

• Numerous short-term contracts per year – usually between four and nine months of the year. This means a high degree of flexibility, somewhere between part-time and freelance, to pursue your other interests and freelance work. The nature of our work is somewhat seasonal, and is usually very busy in the second half of the year, but quiet over the summer. When we are on, we play hard. When we are off, we enjoy devoting time to other projects and to life. This is what we mean by a supportive and flexible - we create a supportive environment to achieve your other projects, so you can come back to work rested and ready to give your best.

• Training and ongoing coaching in how to think like a consultant, turning you into a problem-solving genius for our clients.

• Competitive project-based remuneration pro-rata of ~$120k annually depending on experience and right fit.

Our ideal candidate:

• Has knowledge of marketing and communications, and ability to think strategically.

• Tertiary qualifications in marketing, arts or commerce.

• Is currently a freelance writer or marketing professional, and is looking for another freelance-style source of work to add to their portfolio.

• Preferably someone who has creative side-projects – we value creativity, creative passion and vision, and diversity of thinking.

• Good project management skills with the ability to juggle multiple deadlines and coordinate multiple stakeholders.

• High level of attention to detail.

• Someone looking for regular short-term full-time projects – typical projects are four to eight weeks in length, and you would typically do three to six per year.

• Is a freelancer with other sources of income, so that you are not wholly dependent on us – sometimes we have projects thick and fast, other times we have no projects for a few months at a time.

• No previous experience on bids and tenders required, but technical writing experience, or experience writing reports or grant applications will be very highly regarded.

• Has corporate experience, or freelance experience working with corporates.

To apply:

Please send a brief cover letter (no more than one page) and a brief CV (no more than two pages) to tenders@brightcircle.com.au by Monday 30 September.

Please create a video of yourself speaking to camera, upload it to Youtube, and share the link with us as a hyperlink in your cover letter. The video must not exceed two minutes. For the video, please dress as you would on day one of a job for one of our large corporate clients (i.e. formal corporate style). Please tell us a little about yourself, why you would be ideal for the role, and your personal understanding of the term ‘customer focus’. The video can be made using your mobile phone or a webcam, as long the audio is clear.

We look forward to hearing from you!