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Find everything you need to know about Bright Circle below


Bright Circle was founded by Peter van der Merwe in 2014. Since then we’ve grown to become a team of experienced bid writers who are reliable, scalable and available when you need them. We have a depth of knowledge in major transport infrastructure, transport operations, construction, defence, engineering, facilities management and cleaning. We have writers in all the east coast capitals of Australia and in New Zealand.


We have a simple formula for our success: we are a strongly values-led business. Nurturing relationships with our writers, developing their skills and retaining them for the long term is our priority. To achieve this we are strongly values and culture led, and it’s our priority to invest in writer happiness. Our bid writers are happy, flexible, proactive in their communication, work well with a variety of characters and strengthen our clients’ internal bid teams. Happy bid writers do great work, which means that happy writers = happy clients.


Our values guide how we work and who we work with. We believe that our work should make the world a better place, help our clients achieve their goals, and empower and inspire our writers.


We make our clients' lives better by bringing a ray of sunshine to their workplace through our creativity, flair, and excellent writing skills. We leave our clients and the world better than we found them.


We make our clients’ lives better by being their partner and taking ownership of their needs and deliverables. We bring positive energy and joy to our clients' workplaces and leave their teams better than we found them. We leave a legacy of skills and high quality, well-written documents. We are proactive problem solvers, taking leadership where required to find answers, meet deadlines and drive deliverables. If taking the lead is not required, we are listeners, doers and collaborators; and we deliver. We are a safe place for our clients to entrust their work. We deliver our clients’ work on time, to a high standard, and happily. Our clients see evidence that they have spent their money well by engaging Bright Circle.

We make our writers' lives better by empowering and supporting them to achieve their dreams. We provide our writers with well-paid work, flexibility, professional skills development and an inspiring and caring creative community.


Bright means thinking like a consultant. It means being proactive in taking ownership. It means discerning when to take the lead and when to do exactly as we are told. It means we are intelligent, energetic and creative problem solvers. It means we are customer-focussed: we focus on maximising value for our clients. This means striving to work better, more efficiently; using our intelligence and creativity to find a better way, and to see the need behind the need.

Circle means we complete our clients' team. We are collaborative and inclusive. We empower others through our work. We learn through sharing. We seek help before issues become problems.


We do not work on bids for the coal mining industry, for infrastructure associated with coal mining or transport, projects which cause significant environmental degradation, projects which are opposed by the Aboriginal Traditional Owners or projects which infringe on human rights such as offshore detention of refugees. We aspire to model positive business practices, and not engage in business practices that harm society, the environment or people.


We foster a culture of integrity, commitment to learning, continual improvement, and commitment to delivering value to our clients. We value professionalism, punctuality and excellent presentation. We promote equal opportunity irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. We are aware that we work in male-dominated industries and strongly commit to nurturing and supporting our female colleagues to excel. Many of our people are early in their careers, and we commit to supporting and nurturing them in their professional development. We encourage and support our people and our clients to achieve their dreams.

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