Our core service is technical writing and editing for bids and tenders. Our writers also provide bid coordination services, help you manage the bidding process, and help you refine your bid strategy.

For specialist services that are not part of our core service such as bid management, submission management, advanced formatting and template design, and graphic design, we partner with our carefully selected associates to customise resourcing for each job according to our clients’ needs.

Bid Writing


Our team members are hired based on excellent writing and editing skills and the right ‘soft skills’ so that they will be a seamless fit with our clients’ cultures and high-pressure work environments.


Our writers receive ongoing bid writing training and customer service training.

Bid Coordination


Our writers can act as Bid Coordinator for smaller, less complex bids. For larger, more complex bids, we partner with a specialist Submissions Manager.

Bid Strategy


We continue to refine our unique strategy process, which we use to develop key messages and win themes for our clients’ bids. We draw on Shipley, User Experience (UX) Design and other strategy methodologies to help our clients analyse their competitors, understand client needs (and needs behind the needs), understand our comparative strengths and weaknesses, and develop a solution that addresses and solves client pain points.

For larger, more complex bids, we partner with our specialist strategy and UX associates.

Graphic Design


We partner with a specialist Graphic Designer to deliver our clients’ graphics needs. Our designer has a wealth of experience designing for corporate clients. We have developed a close working relationship over several successful collaborations for different clients.

Template Design and Formatting


We partner with a specialist Word template designer and formatter if required by our clients. Our template designer and formatter specialises in bid and tender documentation.

Overnight Bid Writing


With our partner in South Africa, we can provide around the clock bid writing and formatting services, for those last-minute jobs.


You've been invited to do a presentation? Congratulations! Let our team work with you to plan and create your presentation, identify your key talking points, and help you workshop and rehearse. Our writers have worked in media, communication, journalism, acting and screenwriting - we know what a compelling presentation should look and sound like!