Our Team

We recruit excellent writers, who are the right cultural fit to join our clients’ teams, and who are resilient and communicative under stress.


Bright Circle invests in our people. We spend significant time training our people, coaching them while onsite with our clients, and continuously learning and improving.

Peter van der Merwe


Founder/Senior Bid Writer

Based in Sydney. Available onsite & remotely.

Peter has 10 years of experience in engineering, construction and maintenance bids. He started out as a consultant in major rail bids, before founding Bright Circle in 2015. For Peter, Bright Circle is driven by culture. Our clients work in stressful and high-pressure environments and want to work with writers who bring positive energy and keep a level head as they get the job done.


Peter is extremely proud of his team of writers and has picked them very carefully to ensure that they live our culture and are a ray of sunshine for our clients.

Stacey Korfiatis


Operations Manager

Based in Melbourne. Available remotely.

Stacey enables everything at Bright Circle to run smoothly and efficiently. With a penchant for running businesses, Stacey is a chameleon, able to jump in at any stage of the tenders process; preparing contracts, coordinating bids and writing.


Stacey is also an Artist specialising in hyper-real painting and bespoke jewellery.

Mahalia Rimmer
Amanda Hughes
Jodie Fisher
Janice Kanniah
Andrew Kliem
Vivienne Stanton
Courtney Noble
Laya Fisher


Senior Bid Writer

Based in Sydney. Available onsite & remotely.

Mahalia combines seven years' experience in project management at Barangaroo Delivery Authority with her passion for writing and editing in her role as a Bright Circle Bid Writer. Since joining the team, she has worked on multiple engineering, construction and FM bids. Her experience at Barangaroo makes her highly knowledgeable about tender evaluation processes: she knows what evaluators are looking for and ensures that all content is primed for the best possible evaluation.


In addition to writing, Mahalia's superpower is formatting and template creation.


Bid Writer

Based in Sydney. Available remotely.

Amanda is an experienced technical writer and editor with a journalism background. She has ten years' experience as a media and communications strategist for government. She recently joined the Bright Circle team to edit management plans for a major road alliance.


In 2020, Amanda received a Silver award from the Australasian Reporting Association recognising her skill as an annual report writer and editor.


Bid Writer

Based in Sydney. Available remotely.

Jodie is a skilled technical writer with a Post Graduate Law Degree. Her experience in writing legal how-to guides means she is an excellent communicator, perfect for translating complex technical jargon into simple concepts.


Focussed on providing exceptional customer service, Jodie's bright and enthusiastic demeanour will delight all who have the pleasure to work with her.


Bid Writer

Based in South Africa. 9 hours behind AEST. Available remotely.

Janice is a writer and editor who has worked internationally across the corporate sector. Being located in South Africa means Janice is uniquely positioned to continue working on projects overnight. This enables Bright Circle to provide near 24-hour service for projects that require urgent or around-the-clock attention.


CV Writer

Based in Sydney. Available remotely.

Andrew brings a competitive edge to bid writing as a former journalist who is also a self-published New York Times Bestselling Novelist and Screenwriter.


Excellent at distilling a project down to its strengths. Andrew is a skilled all-rounder and problem-solving pro.


CV Writer

Based in Sydney. Available remotely.

Vivienne has more than twenty years' of writing experience under her belt and has recently completed her Doctorate in Creative Writing. Vivienne specialises in all aspects of the written word including researching, writing, editing and proofreading.


Vivienne has written for magazines, newspapers, online journalism and is in the process of writing her second novel.


CV Writer

Based in Sydney. Available remotely.

Courtney understands the importance of adopting the values and capturing the tone of each client in her writing. Courtney strives to write compelling content with a focus on storytelling and is undertaking a Masters in Creative Writing.


In addition to writing, Courtney runs her own fashion label through which she repurposes dead-stock fabrics to create original designs.


CV Writer

Based in Brisbane. Available remotely.

Laya completed post-graduate qualifications in writing and editing before her career in science education and facilitation with LEGO.


Since joining Bright Circle, Laya has worked on CVs for an education services tender and a major water bid.