We help you write better bids.

We love helping businesses win work.

Our bid writing expertise helps businesses write the best bids, tenders and proposals they can, so that you have a better chance of winning work. Driven by strategy from day one, our writers manage themselves to deliver their writing by deadline. We also help with formatting and design, leaving you and your team free to work on pricing and commercial aspects.

We believe that your success is our success.

We love writing, and we are both highly professional and fun to work with. Above all, we are dedicated to helping you win. We integrate with your team seamlessly, benefitting you with our strategy-driven expertise and years of experience in bid writing, bid coordination and bid strategy.

We scale up and scale down to ensure you get the resourcing you need – extra writers, graphic designers, formatters. We support you on site, remotely, or even from different time zones.

We help you design a writing plan, work out the strategy, and then help you ensure that all writing is based on bid strategy, not on stabbing in the dark, or just copying and pasting from what has been done before. Strategy needs to evolve responsively over the course of the bid. We drive this process, to crystallise our writing, and ensure integration and consistency across the bid.

Bid Strategy

We start every project with a strategy workshop. This guides the executive summary, which we always draft early in the process. Once we have identified the key messages and win themes, we help you refine your value proposition, driving towards a quantifiable statement of the value your solution will offer. Bid strategy evolves as the solution and pricing evolve, so it needs to be reviewed and updated as the writing progresses.

Bid Writing

Starting with bid strategy, we use key messages and win themes to inform our approach to each piece of writing. This approach helps us ensure that writing is coordinated across the bid, and coordinated with other writers. We use a styleguide to ensure consistent usage across the bid. We are true word nerds, and really care about whether subheadings are sentence case or title case, and

whether this is consistent across the bid. This keeps us up at night, because we want your bid to look good!

Bid Coordination

We work closely with your Bid Manager to keep track of all the moving parts, so that you can focus on working out the solution and the pricing. We use cloud based version control and project management to ensure that our remote team members have the access they need, and that the whole team has visibility of progress, accountabilities and deadlines.

Our Clients

We focus on clients in Facility Management, Construction, Engineering, and related disciplines like Cleaning, Project Management, Fitouts, Logistics, Change Management and Landscaping.

We know bids very well – they tend to have similar structures and processes, but require different subject matter expertise. Our focus on strategy and win themes, and refining the Executive Summary from day one, is always the cornerstone of our writing.

We know how important your bid response is to you.


Bright Circle are here to help make it the best it can be.

I’ve put together a team who are deeply experienced, with most of our team having 15+ years’ experience. We enjoy helping other businesses win, and we love what we do. We leave our clients better than we found them, with a wealth of systems, insights and high value content.