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What I learnt from the Bright Circle training program.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Training program

I didn’t set out to become a bid writer. To be honest, I’d be sceptical of anybody who said that they did. Like everyone that I’ve told about the role over the last few months, I wasn’t even really aware it existed at all. I knew what tenders were, and I guess I must have surmised that someone did indeed write the applications, but the thought that this was an entire thriving industry looking for people just like me never entered my mind. I was on the hunt for a new opportunity, and Bright Circle’s job ad popped up when I searched “game writer” on LinkedIn. I love strategy and competition and I love words, and game writing always seemed to me like a great intersection of those two things. Little did I know LinkedIn’s algorithm had just served me an even more perfect role for my skills.

I recently completed my training with Bright Circle, and I couldn’t be happier with how it went. There are almost no ways to formally study this discipline, but the program Peter and his team put together is comprehensive and empowering. Part crash course in drafting and editing, part deep dive into strategy and tactics and the many moving parts of the tender submissions process, I learned more in that fifteen hours than I did in many of my semesters of university. Along with my cohort of new writers, I refreshed my technical writing skills and ran simulations of real-world tender situations. I really appreciated the strong focus on practical problem solving. Much like in a bid submission, there was no fluff here. As bid writers, we have one macro goal: win the contract for our client, and we’re all now well equipped to do that.

One of my fellow trainees made the comment that it felt truly special to have a company invest in us so strongly right from the get-go, and I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. The faith Bright Circle has shown in us gives me the confidence to know I can handle whatever comes my way. And if things ever do get overwhelming, I’ve now got a network of other bid writers with a wealth of experience to come to my aid.

I’ve already gotten my hands dirty on a project and I’m excited for more. Several of my friends have commented about how perfect a role of “competitive writing” is for me, and all I can say is that I’m thankful to have found Bright Circle’s ad when I did.


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